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Solar Panels

It’s Time To Break Free From Your Utility Company!

Going solar has never been easier! Make the switch today with NRG Solutions. Locally owned and family operated, we offer home energy solutions for homeowners looking to cut costs & break free from their utility company.

Residential Solar

Make the move towards cost-effective clean energy for your home! At NRG Solutions, we offer custom residential solar systems that are tailored for YOUR home and lifestyle. From design and permitting to identifying Government & State incentives, NRG Solutions handles all of the details for a seamless transition.

Who We Are

NRG Solutions is not your average solar company! We're a family owned, locally operated company committed to delivering superior craftmanship, using premiere-quality solar panels on all of our projects.

We guarantee that our solar systems are built to last!

Our dedication to our clients is evident from the point of sale through installation. We're here to help you navigate the process,

making the switch to solar easy and accessible. 


Solar panels use the sun's energy to produce DC electricity. This electricity travels from the solar panels to an inverter. Each panel has its own inverter, which is usually installed underneath the solar panel. Which is how the DC electricity is transformed into AC electricity for your everyday use.


Power then passes via a net meter into your electrical panel, enabling you to use the necessary amount to power your home. All of the extra electricity that is produced is fed back into the utility grid. In return, a credit will show on your utility bill which will be used to purchase electricity from the utility company when the sun doesn't shine.   

Our Process

1. Solar Evaluation

With 12 months of your homes electricity usage, we design a system that will produce all of your energy needs. Your energy consultant will answer any & all questions.  

2. Design & Permitting

After gathering all information needed, our design & engineering team will start the process of creating your custom solar design, permitting, HOA, and net metering.

3. Installation

Once all necessary steps are completed. Our certified technicians will install your solar system. 

4. Activation

 A final walkthrough will be provided to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, answer any questions you may. We will make sure your system is activated with your utility company and have access to your monitoring app.

Get Your Free Solar Design

Ready to own your power? Contact us today for your free solar consultation 

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